Weather in the Outer Banks


Weather in the Outer BanksWhat is the weather in the Outer Banks like? Generally, we get hot summers and pretty mild winters, with July and August being the hottest months and December, January, and February the coldest. In July and August, temperatures will sometimes go above 100°F, with the average temperatures in the 85-90°F range. In the winter, we can occassionally get 25°F to 32°F temperatures, but the average is usually around 50°F in December through late February. If you do come to the Outer Banks in the winter time, you may be pleasantly surprised with 65°F – 70°F days. In fact, this winter of 2012 – 2013, we have had quite a few warm days with temperatures in the high 60′s.

Does it snow on the Outer Banks? Snow on the Outer Banks is very rare. With the huge temperature hikes (low 30’s one day and high 60’s the next day), the combination of cold temperature and precipitation is a rare occassion. This year (2013) we got very lucky and had a snow day on January 25th. The snow actually did stick to the ground for a day, which was a major reason to celebrate for the Outer Banks kids. Generally, if you are coming to visit Outer Banks from a cold state and would prefer some warm weather, January and February are probably the two months you would be taking a chance with. I have lived on the Outer Banks for over ten years, and I can recall a few years when we had snow storms in late January. If snow sticks to the ground and the roads get icy, most businesses on the Outer Banks shut down, and there is very little to do. Sorry, our cars are not equipped with snow tires, so people can’t get to work. The good news is that, like I mentioned earlier, the snow is very rare on the Outer Banks and it usually melts within just a day or two.

In March, April, and November, temperatures on the Outer Banks are usually in the high 50’s to low 60’s. Outer Banks Tourist Season officially starts around Memorial Day and ends after Labor Day. In June it warms up to high 70’s – low 80’s, but water temperatures are usually still pretty low until mid to late June. September and October are the two months that are very much favored by OBX locals. Air temperatures are still pretty high – often in the high 70’s to low 80’s – and the water temperature is perfect for swimming through late September – early October.

It’s also worth mentioning, that we often get some High Winds on the Outer Banks, and they greatly contribute to chilly weather in the winter. As I am writing this on February 1, 2013, air temperature is 38°F, with WNW 17 mph winds.

Need more information on average monthly tempeartures? Be sure to checkout the weather in the Outer Banks. Enjoy your Outer Banks vacation! Hope the weather is just fine.


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